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Ms. Madeline Rose

You know she is mad..
Ms. Madeline Rose,
She walks through the forest,
On the tips of her toes.

You can’t have her heart..
Ms. Madeline Rose,
She lost it in the woods,
A shame, I suppose.

You must see she’s wicked..
Ms. Madeline Rose,
She hates all things happy,
White raven amongst crows.

You will heed my words..
Her mood is mercurial,
Her cravings are quiksilver,
She’ll bleed you, sing your burial.

I’ll tell you a secret,
A gift for your persistence,
Whispers in the mist,
An isolated instance.

I am Ms. Madeline Rose,
And now that you know,
I’m sure you will go...




To Our Dearest Compatriots,

Tears spill for a true & honest friend.

I write to you regarding a great sadness that has come to pass.

We savor every half-hour handshake, grandiose grin,

fictitious family frolic & sensuous smooch,

for those moments drift forever into long ago.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I announce to you,

Stock Video is dead.

How do you honor such a pioneer?

We must create. Craft our artistic future with callused hands of passion.

Nimia is the next chapter in the novel of creative endeavor.

The platform that is changing the way artists flow and collaborate.

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