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Seattle, September 23, 2015 – National Geographic Creative has partnered with Nimia for a global licensing agreement for National Geographic Creative’s footage catalog, as well as rights management. The partnership spans National Geographic Creative’s vast footage archive for commercial and editorial licensing.

National Geographic Creative is a stand-alone resource within National Geographic that provides professional content buyers with a full suite of products and services that span all media platforms. The National Geographic Society is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its internationally acclaimed media channels cover the topics of geography, archaeology and natural science, and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.

“Stepping into this partnership with National Geographic Creative means we will house the premiere wildlife and nature collections in the world” says Nimia Founder, Zachary McIntosh. “Loyal buyers and new customers alike will have more access to this beautiful footage–when they want it and how they want it.”

The vast and iconic footage collection is composed of over 50,000 clips including the categories of wildlife, landscape, time lapse, documentary, and more.

About Nimia

Nimia is the next generation of stock footage, giving creatives access to ready-made, high production value footage created by the industry's very best. Over 3,000 of the world's most talented producers, production houses, and creative agencies have rallied around the principles of beautiful visuals and superior technology to write the next chapter in stock footage.

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SEATTLE, July 3, 2015 -- Aerial footage of New York City like you have never seen before. That is what Pulitzer Prize Winner Vincent Laforet delivers in his latest installment of the viral series, "AIR." Following the widespread media coverage of his aerial photography captured over New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and London; Laforet has teamed up with Nimia to put the series in motion.

Two helicopters, both equipped with Shotover stabilization devices and cinema quality cameras, capture an unprecedented perspective of NYC as they soar 7,000ft above the busy streets. The city takes new form as the glowing thoroughfares pulse with life and movement just as veins in some sprawling creature.

A NYC native himself, Vincent cherishes the opportunity to show the world and New Yorkers both, a brand new look at the Big Apple. Born out of a childhood dream of Vincent's, "AIR" has been inspiring fascination in cities around the world. Millions have shared in his unique view of the world and the experience is now more intimate with the introduction of moving pictures.

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SEATTLE, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nimia announces the addition of award winning filmmaker and photographer, Vincent Laforet, to their advisory board. Vincent rounds out the team already comprised of former executives from Adobe, Corbis, and Microsoft.

"Every creative is looking for a home for their content, and a means to distribute it without giving up control. Nimia allows me do this without compromise." - Vincent Laforet

Laforet is internationally recognized for his work as a visual artist and mentor. He has been awarded the Platinum, Silver, and Bronze Cannes Lions for his directing work, as well as the Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for his photographic coverage of post 9/11 events overseas.

See Vincent's wildly popular new series "Air."

Nimia's Video Asset Manager for filmmakers and agencies attracts top-tier production companies, many having never considered licensing before. This creates a boutique footage marketplace that houses exclusive video from around the world.

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SEATTLE, June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nimia, the company that is reshaping the film licensing landscape, announces they have now raised over $1.2M in seed funding and exceeded all growth projections since beta launch one year ago. The company has secured original content from some of the world's leading filmmakers and has contracted with top advertising agencies, giving them a superior way to license, manage and monetize their original video content.

Nimia's rapid expansion has exceeded expectations; maintaining an average 800 percent growth rate in user acquisition, a 1200 percent growth rate in video uploads, and surpassing revenue projections in the first quarter of 2014 by over 1100 percent. The company also confirms it is adding an average of 500 hours of new footage every month.

The brainchild of CGI artist and filmmaker Zachary McIntosh, Nimia is a response to the evolving needs of filmmakers and content buyers. The company's robust media management platform streamlines workflow and their boutique marketplace features meticulously curated video content.

"Nimia removes the agent from the licensing process, providing the artist autonomy in licensing video assets," says McIntosh. "This industry has been dominated for decades by big players with archaic platforms. As a filmmaker, I needed four 3rd party services to accommodate my workflow. With Nimia, all of the services are centralized in one platform."

The company's advisors include seasoned digital content experts from Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Real Networks. According to Nimia advisor Thomas Nielsen, former Adobe Vice President, "Nimia understands the art and the business of visual creativity. They have created a powerful solution to bridge the needs of producers and their clients."

Since its beta launch last year, Nimia has acquired high-profile customers from over 40 countries who are using the platform to manage and monetize their video assets, and to discover and license new, original content. Directors and producers for DC Shoes, Red Bull, National Geographic and agencies like BBDO, Leo Burnett and TBWA/Chiat/Day are among the many customers that are licensing and managing footage through the Nimia platform.

For filmmakers, Nimia provides autonomy, giving them control over licensing terms and pricing. Renowned independent filmmakers such as Brain Farm, Helio Collective and Upthink Lab are signed on with Nimia, which offers filmmakers the industry's most generous revenue split – 90 percent – through its direct licensing model.

According to Nimia co-founder and attorney Eric Harrison, "The growth we have seen in this first year is a testament to our disruption of the footage licensing spaceWe provide innovative tools, better policies and a streamlined way to license and monetize video."

In the next year, Nimia will be adding new features and tailoring its platform to the needs of its users, further revolutionizing the digital rights management market.

To see Nimia's platform in action, click here.

About Nimia
Founded June 1, 2013 in Seattle, Nimia is streamlining the film licensing process with a robust media management platform. The company's direct sale feature offers the industry's most generous royalty structure. Nimia's meticulous curation of high quality video content and authentic relationships with its producers have fostered a powerful community of influential filmmakers and buyers. Learn more at